Guidelines for Receiving General Funding from the Graduate English Association

  1. Check the budget to see how much is allocated to your event.
    1. The budget for the academic year (September-August) is set by the GEA membership at the September GEA meeting. After its ratification in the fall, the budget is still flexible to some degree: it can be emended at any official GEA meeting.
  2. Hold your event. Have fun!
  3. KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS. This is crucial! The GEA treasury works on a reimbursement basis, and the treasurer cannot issue a cheque without a receipt.
  4. Submit your receipts in hard copy to the GEA. Leave them in a sealed enveloped addressed to the treasurer in the GEA mailbox in Rm. 719, Jackman Humanities Building.
  5. Email the treasurer to let him/her know you’ve submitted your receipts.
  6. If you submit your receipts by the last day of the month, your cheque will be ready for the 15th of the next month.
  7. Your cheque will be placed in your personal mailbox in Rm. 719, JHB.

Guidelines for Special Event Funding from the Graduate English Association

  1. Due to budget constraints, the GEA can no longer provide funding for reading groups.
  2. However, some money is available for colloquiums and special events hosted by reading groups.
  3. The funds will be distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis. If the total of requested funds is greater than the total set aside in the GEA budget, the money will be divided equally among the applicants.
  4. To apply for funding, send the GEA treasurer an application consisting of a brief description of the event, including date, topic, contact information of the organizers, and a breakdown of planned expenses.
  5. Reimbursement procedures are the same as those for general funding.

GSU Conference Funding

The GSU offers a limited amount of funding annually in order to support conferences organized by graduate students at U of T.  The purpose of the GSU funding is to foster collective or cooperative work amongst graduate students within or across disciplines.  For more information, consult the GSU’s Conference Funding page.