Multipurpose Room (719)

The Multipurpose Room is the English graduate students’ main meeting room.  Most GEA meetings, workshops and events take place in this space, and it is available for use by any GEA member.

The Multipurpose Room also contains the GEA student mail slots, assigned alphabetically by last name.  Important department information, GEA information, assignments, and TA information is often disseminated through these mail slots, so we recommend student check their slot frequently.

Finally, the Multipurpose Room contains a collection donated reading materials, including books, journals, periodicals, anthologies, and brochures.  Graduate students are free to peruse any of the materials, keeping in mind that they are read-only and should not be taken out of the room.  If you are interested in donating to the collection, please contact a member of the GEA executive.

To access the Multipurpose Room, contact the Department Assistant to obtain the door code.

The Multipurpose Room is booked through this site’s event calendar.  To book the Multipurpose Room, you can contact GEA Secretary André Babyn at

If you plan to use book the room frequently (such as for reading group meetings) you can contact the GEA webmaster to get an account.  Through a web account, you can book the room yourself through the calendar, as well as post any event promotions on the website.

Graduate Student Kitchen (Room 720)

This room contains a full-sized refrigerator, sink, coffee perk, kettle,  microwave, and toaster oven for use by graduate students in the English Department.  There is also ample seating and a telephone for contacting any U of T or “416” phone number.

Kitchen Rules: to ensure that this space remains clean, inviting, and healthy, please ensure that you:

  • Label your food: un-labelled food will be considered public property
  • Clean up after yourself: wash your dishes, put food waste in the compost bin, clean up any crumbs or messes
  • Take your food out of the fridge to avoid spoilage: Any food still left in the fridge on the last Friday of the month may be thrown out

To access the Graduate Student Kitchen, contact the department secretary to obtain the door code.

“Lost and Found” box: Any articles that have been misplaced in the students areas of the JHB should be taken to the “lost and found” box in the kitchen.  If you have lost or misplaced an item in JHB, check the box–some friendly fellow grad student may have already placed it there!  Please note that valuable items (e.g. laptops, rings, phones, etc.) should be taken directly to the department staff.

Study Rooms (722, 723, 724, 817, 818, 819, 916, 917, 918)

These study rooms are available for use by graduate students in the English department at U of T.  Each room contains a number of carrels and lockable sets of drawers.  Students can obtain a key to one of these drawer units by contacting the department secretary.

As of September 2011, the department has implemented new security procedures for the study rooms.  Each study-room floor (floors 7, 8, and 9 in JHB) has its own separate code: once deciding which floor you will be working on, you can obtain the code for that floor from the department secretary (room 610) after proving your status as a graduate student of English at U of T and signing an agreement form.

The space and resources available on each floor is roughly equal and each floor has its own computer/printer set for student use (see Electronic Resources for more information).

If you want to peruse each floor ahead of time, contact your upper-year sibling, or simply knock on the study room door during regular office hours and ask to have a look around.

MA Program in Creative Writing Work Space (816)

The University of Toronto’s talented and award-winning creative writing students have access to this program-specific room to work in and collaborate with other members of the program.  Unlike the other study rooms, JHB 816 is only accessible through a key, which MA CRW students can obtain from the department secretary.

TA Offices (711, 725, 726)

The Department of English has set aside three rooms for use by teaching assistants (TA’s) to meet with their students. Each room contains a desk and a few chairs.

The TA offices are booked through a shared spreadsheet, which can be found here. To access the TA Offices, contact the Department Assistant to obtain the door codes.

Bicycle and Car Parking

There are nine “post and ring” stands and two bicycle racks available for use at the rear of the Jackman Humanities Building. A word of caution: though your bicycle will generally be safe throughout the day if you use a good lock, we don’t recommend that you store your bike in this area overnight as thieves have been known to patrol the area.

After-Hours Building Access

The Jackman Humanities Building is closed every day after 6:00 pm and all day on weekends. Key fobs can be obtained from the department for students to gain access to the building after hours. We request that you be especially careful when working in JHB after hours, and be sure to close doors behind you to ensure your safety.


Unfortunately there are no in-building photocopiers for student use in the Department of English: however there are a number of businesses nearby that offer photocopying services at a far cheaper price than is offered on campus.

Occasionally, you will need to use the campus photocopiers, which charge 12 cents per page. Your University of Toronto student card, or T-Card, can be loaded with money to use in many of the photocopy machines across campus. “Cash-to-Card” machines, which allow you to add money to your T-Card, can be found in most university libraries.