Graduate Student Union (GSU)

The GSU is the umbrella organization of all departmental graduate student associations, and represents graduate student interests at various levels within the university administration and in the community at large. The GSU collects a portion of your incidental fees and allocates funds to individual unions (depending on the number of students enrolled) and to projects and organizations beneficial to graduate students. English is one of the larger departments; therefore, we have proportionally more representation on the GSU (three reps). The GSU has been instrumental in the fight against the disenfranchisement of international students from OHIP, the province’s health insurance plan, and is currently involved in a close examination of supervisory practices in the School of Graduate Studies (SGS), as well as the fight against cuts to university services.

The GSU puts together a yearly informational handbook, which you may have already received, explaining more about its organization and services. Look there for detailed info on health services, loans and bursaries, women in graduate school, sexual harassment, student appeals, Visa students and much more.

The GSU also operates a subsidized pub, a small gym, and other services out of their building at 16 Bancroft Ave., between Huron St. and Spadina Ave, just south of New College. Visit their website: