University Housing | Renting in Toronto

For any and all information about housing at the University of Toronto, consult the University of Toronto Student Housing Service.


U of T Residences

The University of Toronto provides residence space specifically for graduate students, providing a more quiet, mature, and study-friendly atmosphere.  Most English graduate students choosing this option end up at Grad House as it is the closest to the department, but there are many other options.  Please note that some residences require a specific college or department affiliation. Space is limited, so interested candidates are advised to apply as early as possible: U of T Graduate Residences

Independent Residences

These residences accept applications from all U of T students as well as students from other post-secondary institutions and, in some cases, the general public. The residences vary in location, facilities, and cost. Some, like Massey College, are located on-campus, while others, like the Alexandra Hotel, are close by: Independent Residences

Student Family Housing

If you live with a common-law partner or spouse, you can qualify for U of T Family Housing. This is the cheapest and most ideally located high-rise deal in Toronto.  To obtain a unit for September you may need to put yourself on a waiting list quite early.  However, units are often available mid-year, so it’s worth checking back in a couple of months if you’re unable to be admitted straight away: Student Family Housing

University of Toronto Rental Registry

U of T Housing provides an extensive and frequently updated database for U of T students to search for rentals that are exclusive to University of Toronto students.  These rentals are owned by landlords that are specifically targeting university students, and as a result their tenant agreements tend to be more student-friendly, i.e., cheaper rents, shared accommodations, and shortened lease agreements.  To search the rental registry, interested students must have their UTORid activated.  Log-in at:

Most of our students end up finding housing outside off-campus, either through word-of-mouth, classified ads, or neighbourhood exploration.  The benefits of renting outside of the university include far greater choice in price, accommodation, location, and style, as well as greater stability: students are not obligated to leave once their academic tenure ends.  On top of the typical newspaper classifieds (check out the Toronto Star or Now Magazine) rentals can also be found on Craigslist.  The View-it database has become popular in recent years, mostly because interested renters can search by geographic area. Be sure to check out My Hood for tenant feedback about some of the larger apartment complexes in downtown Toronto.  Arguably the best solution is to take a special trip to Toronto before your session begins and simply walk, bike, or drive around your chosen neighbourhood looking for rental signs.  Some of the happiest tenants have found their housing this way.  Just to be on the cautious side, you may want to peruse the Toronto Bedbug Registry before making any final decisions.

Co-operative Housing

You can find information about co-operative housing from the Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto. Though you may have to wait some time before a space becomes available, co-operative housing is often a cheaper alternative than typical rental costs in Toronto. See their website for open waiting lists.