As a graduate student, you automatically pay a premium to the Graduate Students’ Union (GSU) to receive health and dental insurance. You can choose to opt out of the GSU  plan, but only if you have equivalent coverage elsewhere. OHIP does not cover many of the items covered by the GSU plan, and, most importantly, OHIP offers no dental coverage whatsoever.

The GSU’s health and dental plan is managed through Green Shield Canada.  For more information about the plan, including general information, family coverage and instructions for opting-out, visit the GSU website.

To submit a claim, fill out a claim form and mail it to the relevant address along with all original receipts. NOTE: If you are planning to submit to Prosure for the amount not covered by the GSU plan make sure to make a copy of your original receipts.

You will need your Green Shield ID number, which is simply your University of Toronto student number, preceded by U of T’s three-letter code (UTG), and followed by your dependent code (-00 for yourself, -01 for a spouse, or -02, -03, etc. for dependent children from oldest to youngest).

The coverage offered by Green Shield is not total–for many items, you will be required to pay a certain percentage of the cost (for example, for covered prescription drugs, Green Shield will only pay 80%, while you must pay the other 20%).  In other cases, Green Shield will only pay a specific dollar amount (for example, for massage therapy from a Registered Massage Therapist, Green Shield will only pay $25 per visit to a maximum of $500 per benefit year). Your best resource for  information regarding coverage is the Green Shield benefit booklet.

The GSU plan also offers a travel benefit. Information about this is available through the Green Shield website.

For more information regarding your GSU health and dental insurance: Phone: (416) 978-8465 Email: