GEA Comps Repository

The GEA maintains a collection of resources to help you prepare for the comprehensive exams. Because of privacy concerns for our sample papers, the repository is password-protected — please contact the GEA Secretary for access to that page.

Research Tools and Software

There are a variety of software packages and tools that you can use to make research less painstaking and painful. While they won’t do the thinking for you, they will handle much of the drudge work.

Computers at JHB

Desktop computers for graduate student use are available on each study room floor. Computers can be found in 719, and 817, and 916 respectively.

Printers at JHB

Printers for graduate student use are available in 719, 817, 819, and 916.  Paper is not supplied, but can be bought from the department secretary for $1.00 for 50 pages.

Wireless Access at JHB

The English Department is connected to the University of Toronto’s campus wireless network (UofT).  To access the wireless network on your laptop, you need an active UTORid and password–the network will prompt you to enter these when you attempt to access the Internet.  If you need assistance setting up access, visit the Information Commons desk on the main floor of Robarts library, or consult

Eduroam Roaming Wireless

As U of T students, we have access to free WiFi connections at many university campuses around the world through the Eduroam network. If you are traveling, this is an extremely useful service. To connect, look for the Eduroam wireless network. Your username for Eduroam is “”, where “utorid” is your utorid, and your password is the same as the password you use to log into the U of T network.

The English Department Mailing List

The official department mailing list includes faculty, staff, and graduate students. Incoming students are automatically added to the list. Students cannot post to the list, but if you have a message that is relevant to the entire department, you can send it to Tanuja or Marguerite and they will post it for you.

The GEA Mailing List (UTGEA-L)

The GEA’s mailing list is a central resource for both current information and discussions by and for graduate students. The GEA mailing list is separate from the English Departments official mailing list, and only graduate students are on the list.

Topics on the list might include (but are certainly not limited to) upcoming GEA events, apartments for rent, deals at bookstores, things wanted or for sale, upcoming social events, the city, the university, the department, or anything else that people feel might be of interest to other graduate student. As all members have the ability to post to the list, anything goes as long as it’s sufficiently relevant to our life here as grad students at U of T.

Unlike the department listserv, you will not automatically be subscribed. To subscribe to UTGEA-L, send an e-mail message addressed to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UTORONTO.CA (no subject header is necessary). In the body of the message, write on one line: SUBSCRIBE UTGEA-L YourFirstName YourLastName.  You will then receive a welcome message with further details about the list.

Once you’re subscribed, just send a message to this address,, and your post will go to everyone on the list automatically.

If you have any problems or questions relating to this list, contact Joel Faber at <joel.faber[at]>.