Pamela (Volleyball)

Pamela is the English department’s volleyball team. We play in the Graduate Student Union’s (GSU) intramural league. The league has four divisions, in decreasing order of skill level: Competitive, Intermediate A, Intermediate B, and Recreational. Pamela plays in Int. B, which means that players should be familiar with the basic rules, moves, and strategies of volleyball, but are not necessarily expert.

In previous years, the English department has fielded more than one team, generally adding a team at the Recreational level.

Chapman’s Homer (Baseball)

Chapman’s Homer is the name of our graduate student student baseball team.  During the summer, come join the team and play against other graduate-student teams in the university.  These games typically take place over the summer and are a great way to meet new people, get some exercise, and stay connected.  Watch for announcements around May/June about upcoming practices and games!