As an additional benefit of the new Collective Agreement, CUPE 3902 has become able to administer a fund – the Fund for International Student Health Expenses – specifically for international student members of the bargaining unit (Unit 1) who have previously had to cover their health expenses out of pocket.

Eligibility: If you are an international student, you are eligible to apply to the Fund for International Student Health to receive reimbursement for health care expenses not included in your University of Toronto guaranteed funding package. You may also apply if you have paid for an external plan to cover your spouse and/or dependent children. Please note: if your funding package covers the cost of your health plan expense you cannot apply to the fund; however, if you have spousal or dependent children for whom you have paid for the coverage you may submit their receipts.

Making a claim: The application form is available on the CUPE 3902 benefits website, or in the CUPE office (180 Bloor St. West, Suite 803). You must provide the following documents and information with your application:
• A complete application form that includes your mailing address, email address, and Social Insurance Number (for T4As). Your mailing address will be used for all correspondence, so please be sure it is correct and up-to-date.
• If you have not previously signed a Union membership card, or are unsure if you have, please include a completed membership application form.
• A print-out from ROSI for your international student health plan expense. If you are including your spouse and/or children in your application, please also include a copy of the receipt for their expense.

Receiving your reimbursement: Because the fund is new, the amount each applicant will receive is, for the moment, entirely dependent on the number of successful applicants to the fund. This means that you will not  receive more than the total of your plan expenses, but the amount distributed to each applicant may diminish if the total claimed by all applicants exceeds the limits of the fund.

If you have any questions about this material, please feel free to drop by the CUPE 3902 office (180 Bloor St. West, Suite 803, Toronto, ON), or talk to your departmental steward.